You can download the Live CD from and the md5sum is: f3cc3284d540df3e720657f1d7b4b5, despite the site size claims to be 731.7 MB actually is only 699 MB so it fits in a normal CD.

You can run the Live CD in any PC or Intel Mac, or even in a Virtual Box.

In a few minutes you’ll get the dcm4chee PACS running with a sample DICOM dataset of an anonymous PET-CT, with the classic interface at

http://localhost:8080/dcm4chee-web and the new dcm4chee-web3 interface at http://localhost:8080/dcm4chee-web3  both with user admin and password admin, the classic interface has access to audit repository with the same user and password and the new one to Weasis DICOM Viewer, but from the same Live CD the javaws doesn’t work properly so if you want to test it you need to access it from another computer.

You can get the Live CD IP opening a terminal and typing ifconfig.

You have the install option from the Live CD as an Ubuntu standard installation and once installed the dcm4chee runs at booting.

If you want to connect any DICOM node (Modality or Work station) the PACS parameters are AET DCM4CHEE, Port 11112 and the Live CD IP.

In the “AE management” of the DCM4CHEE interface you can add the DICOM nodes to connect to the PACS.

To change the default DCM4CHEE AE Title log to JBoss’s JMX console with the same user and password as above and invoke the operation updateAETitle with the old AET DCM4CHEE and the new AE T as parametres. In the JBoss’s JMX console you can configure the port in the service=DcmServer and the image compression in the service=StoreScp.


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