A man will turn over half a library to make one book

A man will turn over half a library to make one book. Samuel Johnson

Smartphone sẽ có đèn flash LED mạnh gấp 20 lần


Chip điều khiển mới của STMicro mang đến cho máy ảnh và smartphone thêm đèn flash LED sáng gấp 20 lần so với đèn flash LED tiêu biểu trên điện thoại ngày nay.

Công ty chuyên sản xuất chip bán dẫn STMicroelectronics (STMicro) hy vọng, với chip mới được thiết kế để tăng cường ánh sáng flash của đèn LED, sẽ không còn những bức ảnh thiếu sáng chụp từ smartphone như trước đây nữa.

Không như máy ảnh chuyên nghiệp (sử dụng đèn chớp xenon để tạo ra ánh sáng mạnh – flash), ánh sáng hỗ trợ chụp ảnh của smartphone thường do đèn LED chạy bằng pin cung cấp nên ảnh chụp khi ánh sáng yếu thường tối hơn, mờ hơn.

ZH Healthcare Announces New On-Line OpenEMR Education Program

December 10, 2012 | Industry News Release
Source: ZH Healthcare

ZH Healthcare is pleased to announce a new educational program to share knowledge and experience with the OpenEMR community. OpenEMR is an ONC-ATB Ambulatory EHR 2011-2012 certified electronic health records and medical practice management application. It features fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, eRX, and electronic billing. OpenEMR is endlessly configurable to suit the individual needs of the practice.

The new OpenEMR education program will provide online webinars two times per month on specific features and usage techniques of the OpenEMR system. “ZH Healthcare is dedicated to support the OpenEMR community” says Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman of ZH Healthcare. “Because of the rich full features of the OpenEMR software coupled with the open source development approach of continual updates and enhancements, we recognize the need to have a better way to support and educate the growing community of OpenEMR users as well as those who are interested in learning more about an alternative EMR solution to the one they have” explains Hameed.

A sampling of the topics in the upcoming OpenEMR education series are, Using Encounter Notes, Using eRX (New Crop), An Introduction to Meaningful Use, Optimizing Your Forms, and Using the Patient Portal.

The OpenEMR system was developed and is supported by the open-source development community with over 50 developer organizations having contributed to the project. One of the leading contributors is ZH Healthcare which is also one of only six recognized OpenEMR Certified Contributors. ZH Healthcare has offices in McLean, VA and Cochin, India and have engaged a staff of over 75 in the effort to make the OpenEMR system the best free EMR option for healthcare providers. “We have committed our resources in order to provide the healthcare community a system that is highly customizable and is based on the work flow of the provider” says Hameed. “We have made several significant contributions to the OpenEMR code base, including e-prescription connectivity and the off-site Patient Portal”. Substantial contributions were made in the areas of the OpenEMR user interface, the advanced payment feature, an updated billing manager, including the ability to have multiple billing facilities. We are pleased to be part of the OpenEMR community and are encouraged with the progress and implementation of the system by providers in large and small practices” states Hameed.

About ZH Healthcare
ZH Healthcare provides innovative OpenEMR based Electronic Medical Records Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management to healthcare providers who are seeking improved patient care through greater insight into treatment, fewer errors, and more meaningful treatment plan coordination, with affordable software solutions that removes IT burden. With a team of over 75 information technology professionals ZH Healthcare has made significant contributions to the OpenEMR software including revenue cycle management features to enhance productivity, patient portal to improve office and patient communication, eRx integration, lab integration, and a notes editor that has revolutionized how physicians chart their client visits.
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5 Open Source EMRs Worth Reviewing

There is a continuing demand for electronic medical records (EMR) everywhere today and this is mainly due to the advancements made in the field of health care. One of the highly acknowledged means in the facilitation of EMR’s is through open source software concept which intends to free users from any form of proprietary software.

Open source EMR’s operate on an open source license and in a public domain for utilization in the health care industry. These are program applications that aim to simplify and speed up health care transactions and allow users the freedom to run, copy, distribute as well as change and make revisions with the software.

Herewith is a list of 5 open sources EMR’s that is worth reviewing:

OSCAR McMaster
Hospital OS
Free MED

OpenEMR: Widely-used and popular

The OpenEMR is licensed under the General GNU Public License and aims to create high quality EMR as well as a practice management system. Its major features include the following:

Multi-language support
Free online support
Electronic billing including Medicare
Document management
Easy installation
Web based
Insurance tracking
Integration with external general accounting program SQL-Ledger

This open source EMR is very versatile and operates in Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and MS Windows. More and more medical practitioners in the US, Europe as well as from Asian countries are now actively testing or using the OpenEMR for their electronic medical records program. It has continuously been translated into different languages in order for various nationalities to appreciate the program more fully.

OSCAR Master EMR: Traces its Origins in Canada

The OSCAR Master EMR was initially developed for academic primary care clinics which have since branched out to become one of the popularly used billing systems in Canada and other countries.

Its features include the following:

Oscar Encounter- contains pertinent patient information, history as well as progress notes and other related documents.
OscarRX- is the specific prescription program that enables one to create prescriptions, save personalized prescription info and other pertinent data regarding possible drug allergies of each patient.

OSCAR Master derived its name from the acronym OSCAR which stands for Open Source Clinical Application and Resource while Master is coined from McMaster University where the open source EMR was developed. It is certified by OntarioMD; a highly regarded medical organization in Canada for meeting high standards and complying with the requirements for an advanced clinical support and practice management programs.

Hospital OS: Aimed Towards Advancement of Thailand Health Care

The Hospital OS has the major aim of supporting small hospitals with full financial support from the Thailand Research Fund, National Health Foundation and Thai Medical Informatics Society. It was founded in 2002 as an action research project. It aims to provide medical service and hospital management with a focus on small-scale health centers and rural hospitals with at least 100 beds and 300 outpatients per day in highly remote areas specifically on Thailand’s countryside.

Its most basic features are the following:

Registration and simple EMR system
Outpatient and in patient service
Pharmacy :dispensary and stock
Management information system and financial information management system

Despite limited resources toward technological advancements this open source EMR has been created by developers who aim to establish effective information systems. Another major purpose of the program is to bring about sustainable development among various communities in Thailand and hopefully include other Asian countries.

OpenMRS: Excellent software for quality health care in developing countries

The OpenMRS (Medical Record System) program was designed and created in 2004 for the purpose of helping developing countries especially in seeking solutions and treatment intervention for rampant diseases and illnesses such as HIV/Aids and malaria. It is founded on the principles of idea-sharing as well as software and strategies for use. It is now currently utilized in countries such as Africa, Uganda, Haiti, USA, China, India and Philippines.

It is based on the principle of information storage in a way that is easily summarized with minimal use of free text and maximum use of coded information. It is a web-based program that runs on Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Some of its features are the following:

Central concept dictionary
User authentication
Data entry and data export
Modular architecture
Patient workflows and merging
Support for complex data

Free Med: Focus on Medical billing Programs

Free Med is an open source EMR based on Linux or Apache and officially started in 1999 by J.Buchbinder of Connecticut, USA. It is a descendant of Amos, a Pascal/dbase program way back in 1983 when databases and programming were not yet in prevalent use.

Its main features include the following:

Web based interface
Uses subversion as concurrent versioning system
Usage of REMITT an external billing program which allows for multiple formats of output to be generated from the same base data


Mekong ICT Camp 2013 is now launching !

UPDATE: Participants are welcome from EVERY countries and territories.

The bi-annual workshop-camp designed for the individuals and groups who are committed to ICT4D (information, communication and technology for development). Herein we start to accept the application for its 2013 camp, the third of its kind after 2008 and 2010.

Apply : http://mekongict.org/apply/

Link for HIS 2013 course

Các bạn sinh viên học môn hệ thống thông tin điền danh sách vào mẫu sau :

Các bạn nên tạo email mang họ tên của mình để tiện cho việc sử dụng


Link for slides and documents : http://www.mediafire.com/?dru47o1fg2wo3

List of  softwares used in this course : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?5e2c5cftr31dngi

Link for software in health care information system :

1. HL7

1.1. 7 edit  http://www.7edit.com/demo/





Các thông báo sau sẽ tiếp tục cập nhật

Thông báo 1 . 20130123

– In và đọc trước silde1 : HIS

– Tham khảo file danh sách các phần mềm trong health care

Thông báo 2. 20130124
– In và đọc trước slide 2 : Hl7 http://www.mediafire.com/view/?mqzcag5efh43508
– Cài thử 1 phần mềm trong danh sách

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