Creating a new user account in Mac OS

To add a new user account:
Step 1

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Accounts.
Open Accounts preferences
Step 2

If some settings are dimmed, click the lock icon and type an administrator name and password.
Step 3

Click the Add (+) button, located below the list of accounts, to create a new account.
Step 4

Select a type of account from the New Account pop-up menu.

Administrator: An administrator account user can create, delete, and modify accounts, install software, and change system settings. Since administrators have such broad access, you should limit the number of administrator accounts created.

Standard: Standard account users cannot administer other accounts, but can install software for their own use and change settings related to their accounts.

Managed with Parental Controls: In an account managed by parental controls the administrator can place restrictions on: inappropriate Internet content, the amount of computer use, and access to applications, email, iChat.

Sharing Only: Sharing only account users can have remote access for file sharing only. They cannot log in via the login window or change settings on the computer.

Group: A group account consists of one or more other accounts and is used for setting privileges for shared files.
Step 5

Enter a name for the account.

If you don’t want to use the short name, which is generated automatically, type a new short name. (After the account is created, you won’t be able to change the short name.)
Step 6

Type the user’s password in the Password and Verify fields, and then type a hint to help the user remember the password if they have trouble remembering it at login.
Step 7

If security is important for this account and you want the home folder encrypted, select the “Turn on FileVault protection” checkbox.
Step 8

Click Create Account.
Step 9

If the user has a .Mac member, enter the .Mac member name. For more information on .Mac see the .Mac website:
.Mac website
Step 10

If you want the user to be able to have administrator privileges, select “Allow user to administer this computer.”


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