The DICOM Image I/O Plug-in connects the DICOM® standard to the JavaTM standard.

DICOM is the universal standard for sharing medical imaging resources between heterogeneous and multi-vendor equipments (acquisition device, workstation, storage server, patient management system, etc.).
Since Java 1.4, the Java standard includes a specification for working with images stored in files and accessed across the network. This specification is called Java Image I/O. It provides a pluggable framework for easily adding support for alternate image formats using third-party plugins.

It was developped with the following intents:
-Allow for reading DICOM files and file sets (FSR), receiving incoming objects from the network (Storage SCP) and querying remote image database (Query/Retrieve SCU) by writing standard and concise code.
-Allow for writing fully conform DICOM files (FSC) and sending objects across the network (Storage SCU) by writing standard and concise code.
-Using some additional code and knowledge of the DICOM standard, allow access to all information contained in read objects, allow for reading and writing arbitrary objects, even those containing no images, and allow for implementing image database (Query/Retrieve SCP).

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