FOSS4SME – Free/Libre Open Source Software guide for SMEs

FLOSS (Free/Libre open source software) is one of the most important trends in information technology since the advent of the personal computer and commodity software. Despite documented successes however, FLOSS dissemination and awareness, especially among small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) and business intermediaries around the world, are still limited. This is particularly relevant for emerging regions such as Southeast Asia.

Therefore, “it@foss – Promoting Free and Open Source Software in Southeast Asia”, a joint initiative of the International Open Source Network ASEAN+3 and InWEnt Capacity Building International of Germany, has built on related EU funded initiatives (“FLOSSMETRICS” and “Open TTT”) to develop a Southeast Asian edition of the “Free/Libre Open Source Software guide for SMEs” under the label of FOSS4SME.

We are very pleased to present FOSS4SME as a set of guidelines and suggestions for the adoption of open source software within SMEs. Founded on open source software, this catalog aims to support SMEs – from the initial selection, adoption , and creation of suitable FLOSS business models.


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