dotProject is a volunteer supported Project Management application. There is no “company” behind this project, it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves.

For more about the product, what it does, etc please follow the links to the doc site at the top of site.

The software is free to anyone who would like to download it. Day to day support is provided free by volunteers.

If you would like to see the system in operation – use the Demo link in the modules list to the left top of the site.

If you would like to download the package use the downloads link on the top right. Please be aware that the CVS snapshot is guaranteed to be UNSTABLE and should not be used on a production site or if you are not willing to have to do some work at the code level.

If you are looking for support, to ask a question or to check to see if issues have been raised by others – use the support link at the top right to access our support forums. PLEASE do not send Private Messages to the site admins or other participants on the site – this just means that you are trying to jump the priority queue, that any answers you received are selfishly then not shared with the rest of the user community OR that you may ask the wrong person who cannot help you. Priority Support is available at a cost – login to the support forums and use your UserCP from there to Subscription details and pricing.


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