FOSS Fest-at De La Salle University – Manila

FOSS Fest: This will be a 1-day event with students as audiences. We’ll be asking for speakers from the group. Let us know your thoughts. 🙂

Proposed topics:

Linux Overload: Get loaded with basic Linux concepts and commands. This topic will give users a brief overview of Linux (Ubuntu), a quick-start tutorial on the Command Line Interface and make your own
dual-boot machine.

Eclipse Universe: Build, test and deploy Java-based programs and apps with Eclipse IDE for embedded systems, mobile development and web apps.

Build-a-Blog: Build, customize and deploy a blog site using WordPress. Learn how to build a WordPress site for blogging, customize it with themes and simple CSS and deploy to your own web server.

Mobile Madness: Build your own SMS server using cost-effective hardware. Learn how to use FronlineSMS to send, receive and automate workflow of SMS. You’ll also learn how to submit SMS messages and plot them on a map using Ushahidi.

Android Attack: Get to know about Google’s Android and how you can build your own apps. You’ll also get a quick preview of OpenMoCA- an Android-based application for mobile healthcare.


One Response to “FOSS Fest-at De La Salle University – Manila”

  1. Rahul Says:

    Good courseware of University.

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