DHIS 2 Academy India 2016, Level 1

HISP India is pleased to announce the DHIS2 Academy Level 1 (Fundamentals of DHIS2) to be held in collaboration with the Department of Health, Government of Himachal Pradesh and the University of Oslo, at the Himachal Institute of Public Administration, Fairlawns, from 30 May – 3 June 2016. You could find details of the proposed workshop at https://www.dhis2.org/india2016-home#.  Some further details are being updated. The Academy organizers would also be pleased to cater to specific training requirements which may not be currently included in the programme.

The mHero Story

In August 2014, the largest-ever outbreak of Ebola was growing in West Africa. There were about 2,000 reported cases in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, and the number was rapidly rising.

Health sectors were overwhelmed, and health officials had no way of reaching health workers in real time with critical, lifesaving information.

Staff from IntraHealth International and UNICEF participated in a teleconference to brainstorm ways that health workforce information systems and mobile platform interoperability could be used in the future to allow for real-time, two-way communication.

The conversation quickly took on a life of its own as the collaborators committed to developing an interoperable platform that could immediately support ministries of health and health workers in tackling the existing Ebola outbreak. They envisioned a platform that could draw data from across different information systems and use those data to send and receive targeted messages using health workers’ mobile phones.

Within a few weeks, the UNICEF Innovation Lab in Kampala, Uganda, hosted a hackathon. They invited IntraHealth (with support from USAID’s K4Health project), Jembi Health Systems, and ThoughtWorks to develop the platform with the goal of creating use components of the OpenHIE architecture to link several software systems together.

At the hackathon, developers were able to link data from three separate systems (iHRIS, DHIS 2, and RapidPro) to prove the concept. Because they used the open data exchange standards from OpenHIE, the model they developed would be readily replicable in multiple countries and contexts.

Early in the development and testing phases, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Liberia expressed interest in implementing mHero both to address the ongoing Ebola outbreak and to strengthen health-sector communication and the country’s health system for the long run.

IntraHealth and UNICEF worked together in Liberia to engage national stakeholders, structure and design the mHero approach according to Liberia’s needs, help adapt the technology in the country, and build institutional capacity within the ministry to guide and manage mHero. In December 2014, the ministry pilot tested mHero. They sent messages to 289 health workers, 57% of which responded.

Since then, IntraHealth, UNICEF, and other stakeholders have helped the ministry improve and scale the platform.

Multiple donors and technologists are collaborating to improve and introduce mHero in other countries.

All banner photographs on the mHero website are by Trevor Snapp or Clement Tardif for IntraHealth International.


Ds làm bài tập Multisim

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Mẫu báo cáo Multisim

Link  : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzxc7mqVgD65WC1JbkROZE9VS28/view?usp=sharing

  • Thời hạn : 23h59’59’’ 18/3/2016
  • Hình thức nộp

1.Nộp vào mail : hqhuy.bk@gmail.com

2.Upload lên thư mục :

Lớp KTĐT : KTDT D9 201 88501 20152


Lớp CKĐT : CKĐT 20152





Lịch học bù KTĐT và CKĐT

Chào các e,
Như đã thông báo trên lớp, Thầy gửi lich học bù 2 buổi
Lớp KTĐT 88501 TC 508 : tiết 1-3
Lớp CKĐT 87556 và 87465 : tiết 4-6
Thời gian và phòng học : D5 105 thứ 7 12/3 và 19/3

Danh sách lớp HTTTYT 20152 – D9 104-ET4540

Các bạn sinh viên lớp HTTTYT 20152 – D9 104-ET4540 nhập thông tin vào danh sách lớp để nhận thông báo và tài liệu môn học
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Link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dyk-LV8m0q3vyfXE2SphtIMaayo8yXzjoxCMlvGnEHo/edit?usp=sharing

Danh sách lớp KTĐT 20152 88501 ET2010 D9 201

Các bạn sinh viên lớp KTĐT 20152 88501 ET2010 D9 201 nhập thông tin vào danh sách lớp để nhận thông báo và tài liệu môn học
Chú ý : Nhập và kiểm tra chính xác địa chỉ email sau khi nhập
Link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gVZ2iRxwTmwWFVUNW0k4-rnM2S1AW1lUBjKaSI_5iFg/edit?usp=sharing
Tôi gửi các e tài liệu môn học
1. Đề cương, Slides bài giảng


  • In ra và đọc trước đến slide 3 Diode
  • Bài tâp, đề thi, mạch điện Multisim


2. Sách tham khảo : https://hqhuy.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/electronic-devices-and-circuit-theory-10th-ed-international-editon-by-robert-l-boylestad-louis-nashelsky/


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